Digital Intensive Session 1

Today and for the next 8 Fridays I am on a Manaiakalani digital intensive. I am reasonably confident
with digital technologies but, as we all know, there is always more to learn.

Firstly we were given an introduction to the Manaiakalanai kaupapa and pedagogy. It was interesting
hearing about the history of Manaiakalani and its early beginnings.

Then we were into Google Docs. I work sometimes in Google Docs & sometimes in Word
(which is apparently a no-no). Another no-no is NO underlining because that means a link and capitals
mean you are shouting.

But I did discover things like Find and Replace, Table of Contents and voice
typing in which I just have to speak the words (and punctuation) and it writes for me! This will be a
good thing to pass on to the PCTs I work with. As for my personal life, I don't think I really want my
computer to be writing down everything I say. So we may have to negotiate on that one. The only time I
use my home computer is to do post production in Photography - Photoshop, Lightroom and Topaz.
There are some great videos here on using Google Apps in the classroom and the way Tamaki College is involved here.


  1. Hi Cheryl, how is your confidence now. Is there more that you were unaware of from the first day of DFI? Have you changed your mind about the digital technologies and your personal life after todays googlekeep?

    1. Hi Fleur, Yes lots to learn. Great to have the Google Keep - I tend to put my shopping list on a scrap of paper in my handbag and then can't find it when I get to the supermarket. Fabulous that you can photograph a text and it does pictures and words. So I will definitely be using that one.


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