Appraisal vs Certification

At a recent meeting with PCTs there seemed to be some confusion around evidence for appraisal and evidence for certification.

Appraisals are about  "improving teacher capability and student outcomes" (ERO). That is why the teacher's goals are linked to the vision and goals of the strategic plan of the school. Often there will be a school goal, a department goal and a personal goal.

The appraisal process is  focused on valued outcomes for students, from goal-setting, evidence gathering and analysis, observations and professional discussions to the annual report (ERO). Attention can de directed to priority students and evidence from teachers' inquiries can form the basis of an appraisal discussion.
So teachers choose their own goals within the guidelines & parameters set by the school.

Originally this process did not include the Registered Teacher Criteria but the Practising Teacher Criteria are now being used in appraisal. There has been confusion between the Practising Teacher Criteria, Professional Standards & Tataiako. The Education Council has reviewed the current sets of standards and there will be a new set of standards out in July 2017.

Certification & Practising Teacher Criteria
When your application for registration is approved you will get a practising certificate that is current for three years. This means you are legally able to be employed in a teaching position in New Zealand. When you have completed the induction period, have enough recent teaching experience and meet the Practising Teacher Criteria you can be recommended to be issued with a full  practising certificate (Education Council).
These criteria are compulsory and are set by the Education Council.
To obtain a full practising certificate you need to complete at least 2 years of teaching and an induction & mentoring programme. All teachers need to provide evidence against the PTC criteria in order to renew their certificate every 3 years.
At Tamaki College teachers need to provide evidence for Practising Teacher Criteria and the Professional Standards. The Education Council has a matrix which shows how you can use the same evidence for both here


  1. Thanks for clarifying this Cheryl - this is something I have been confused about for a while now! I like how you have coloured the important parts of your blogpost and included a link to further information. In future posts, I would love to have more links to read through! Will share this post on my Twitter.

  2. Thanks Georgia,
    Great to have you reading & responding to the posts.


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