Digital Intensive 2

I can't believe that a week has passed since the last digital intensive. Today we were looking at Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google maps.

We began this session with the history of Manaiakalani around Learning and the pedagogy of "Learn, Create, Share". Research underpinning this came from John Hattie's constructivist and metacognitive approach, Russell Bishop's culturally responsive pedagogy, the global study for the Ministry of Education that showed acceleration can be achieved through inquiry driven exploration and the use of the Google platform.

We learned how to set up a Google form with many available options that would give us data that we can analyse either as baseline data, feedback data or exit data. I created a Google form with questions around the new Education Council standards and sent it out to 10 teachers - have had 3 responses so will send again. I had recently attended a workshop on these and will be using them with the provisionally certificated teachers who are working towards full registration. The responses from the Google forms will help me decide what PLD to provide.

Fun with Photo Booth on my Mac Pro

Google sheets was our next challenge. Having beavered away on Microsoft Excel for analysis of our PAT data last week, I could have done with the lesson on Google Sheets which would have saved me hours of time. Google sheets is relatively easy to use and has many analysis tools.
The Google Maps exercise was beyond me and I am never likely to use it. I do, however, use Google maps frequently as I have little sense of direction.

Raising student achievement - ERO


  1. Hi Cheryl

    This is a great blogpost. I was thinking the same thing today - I can't believe it's Friday and we are back for another workshop! Well done for creating a google form and sending it out to teachers - great way to put learning into practice while its still fresh in your mind.

    I agree with you I liked the google sheets lesson and I know that it will be useful to me. As for google maps I also got lost a few times and know that I need more practice/help.




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