What is appraisal exactly?

The Education Review Office is very clear on its purpose of appraisal in schools.
Teacher appraisal has two purposes:
  • improvement - appraisal supports personal development and school capability to meet student outcome goals
  • professional accountability - appraisal provides assurances to the wider community that teaching standards are rigorously applied.
The Education Council sees it as:
The appraisal process exists to affirm and develop a high standard of teaching in New Zealand. Effective appraisal systems using the Standards for the Teaching Profession help teachers learn, grow and achieve the best outcomes for our learners.

PPTA describes appraisal as:
Performance appraisal has two purposes – development and accountability, or to put it another way, formative and summative assessment. It should be about helping teachers to develop their practice and do their personal best

Appraisal is a good way of reflecting on your teaching, setting improvement goals, tracking progress and evaluating success.
Goals that I set for this year were:

Goal 1: Developing my skills in digital technologies so that I can support the teachers hat I work with to lift Māori achievement.
Goal 2: Set up an  AIMHI Literacy Leaders Cluster with the aim of sharing the knowledge and expertise of the group to enhance literacy learning in each school including Tamaki College.


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