EC workshop

On the 27th February I was fortunate to be able to attend a workshop run by the Education Council on the "new" standards that have been put out for teachers in schools.
Unfortunately, some teachers have brushed this off with "Oh they have just put 12 criteria into 6 standards but really nothing has changed". When you read the standards carefully you notice that there has been a sea change which has already been reflected in the more progressive schools especially those who engaged with assessment for learning, Kia Eke Panuku, and to a lesser extent PB4L.
So what has changed?

  • Std1 Waitangi partnership - Practise and develop the use of te reo and tikanga Māori
  • Std2 Professional learning - Critically examine how my own assumptions and beliefs, including cultural beliefs, impact on practice and the achievement of learners.
  • Std3 Professional Relationships - Communicate clear and accurate assessment for learning and achievement for learning
  • Std4 Learning-focused culture Develop learning-focused relationships with learners, enabling them to be active participants in the process of learning, sharing ownership and responsibiity for learning
  • Std5 Design for learning Design clear next steps in learning and to identify additional supports or adaptations that may be required.
  • Std 6 Teaching Teach in ways that ensure all learners are making sufficient progress. .....Teach in ways that enable learners to learn from each other, to collaborate, to self-regulate and to develop agency over their learning.

In the 2 years before I came to Tamaki College I was back working at Team Solutions on the assessment for learning contract. I was working in 3 very different schools from low decile to high decile. Most of these teachers were still teaching in traditional ways where power remained with the teacher and students asked the teacher for help. The teachers found it very difficult to give agency to the students and for those  that did take it onboard with strategies like peer assessment and peer teaching the results in the classroom climate were mind blowing.


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