Playground duty

Our PB4L session yesterday with the RTLBs focussed on how we do Playground duty. Are new teachers trained in any way on what to do when on duty?

What makes good active supervision?
• Move around – avoid standing in one place. Don't use the same routine.
• Look around by scanning all areas, near and distant.
• Interact with students effectively and efficiently:  greet students be brief and positively reinforce students who are following expectations (be explicit)

  •  positively correct students who are breaking expectations (state the expectation, give choices, then put it back on the student).
  •  Look the part. Be highly visible and easily identifiable with a bright vest, hat or folder. 
  • The key to student interaction 
  • High rates of positive contact with individuals or groups of students can be expected to significantly reduce student problem behaviour for up to 90% of students. 
  • Positive contacts should be: • friendly, helpful and open • proactive and not contingent on a behaviour •
  •  short (5-10 seconds) with groups of students over individuals so more students are affected. Guidelines for effective positive reinforcement 
  • Look for appropriate behaviour – always. 
  • • Provide acknowledgement immediately. 
  • • State the appropriate behaviour (“You’re keeping to the left, that’s what I call Being Safe”).
  •  Vary statements of acknowledgement. 
  • • Avoid giving praise continually without reason. 
  • • Be sincere and smile.


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