Motivating Pasifika Learners

At our PCT meeting yesterday the PCTs shared which students they were focussing on for their inquiry into lifting individual student achievement - a focus for the Professional Learning groups (PLuGS) and what they thought needed to be addressed for these students. The needs discussed were motivation x 3, non completion, disengaged, easily distracted.

I decided to do some reading around motivation with Pasifika Learners.
ERO in its 2012 report "Improving Education Outcomes for Pasifika Learners" saw the key elements as:

  • Identity, Language & Culture - different needs for different learners
  • Assessment information - understanding and using data to make a difference
  • An effective connection between home and school
  • A curriculum that has meaning for students and connects with their wider lives
The last bullet point refers to using a culturally responsive pedagogy. (see video)
What is a culturally responsive pedagogy?

What makes a good teacher for me is like if they get along with me 'cause I hate it when teachers can't get along with me, because I feel really sad and stuff like that, 'cause they don't know me
and Building an inclusive, culturally responsive classroom environment.  
There is a good 5 minute video from NZ teachers & students here
This links to PTC2, PTC8, PTC9
Can the students see themselves and their culture reflected on the walls of your classroom?


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