Reflection Tool

As part of the certification process, provisionally certificated teachers are required to reflect on the learning that has taken place on the things that they are reporting on.

  • There could be reflection on: PLD - what did you learn from whole school PLD, departmental PLD, Mentor PLD
  • meetings - what meetings have you attended, date, time, who with, brief summary reflection
  • teachers whose lessons you have observed - what did you take bck into your own practice and how did it go?
  • learning conversations with mentors, colleagues, SLT
  • reflection on the PAT & asTTle data you have received for your classes
  • reflection on NCEA assessments you have made
  • How does the use of the SOLO taxonomy lift the quality of student thinking and work?
  • What culturally responsive practices have you used with Maori/Tongan, Samoan etc students - what was the result?
  • How do the key competencies and school RISE values fit into the students' learning?
This reflection tool can help with the reflection process 


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