Hidden Figures & Othello

A few weeks back one of the Teach First Mathematics trainees organised a field trip of her Year 9 & 10 classes to the film "Hidden Figures" which involves 3 African American women in the 1960s who were brilliant at Mathematics and worked for Nasa "The story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the US space program"  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4846340/

She felt that it would inspire the students in Maths.
It was a steep learning curve for her as she had not realised how much organisation is needed but it was a huge success and good on her for being innovative. The students enjoyed the film, clapping when one of the women won a promotion. It was also a history lesson for the students in the effects of segregation in America at the time. We didn't lose any students walking to the train, getting off the train or left at the cinema. They behaved well.

On the last day of term a group of 43 students, 5 teachers and one trainee attended the Shakespeare pop-up Globe performance of Othello. It was a great way to end the term. The students really enjoyed the performance and in true groundling style gasped loudly when someone was hit, clapped when a good quip was recognised and sat breathlessly quiet in the final scene when it is obvious that Desdemona is to be killed.

We were half expecting to be blown away by the impending cyclone said to be the worst to hit NZ but at the last minute it veered away from Auckland and the Harbour Bridge was not closed (phew).

Photos taken at the Pop-up Globe performance


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