Kia Eke Panuku

Steve Rowe from Team Solutions ran a workshop on Teacher Only Day (Image from

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – Steve Rowe
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Whakawhanaungatanga – relations & connections – how do we build on the layers of relationhips & connections
Look at 4 docs:-
·      NZ Curriculum      Te Marautanga
·      Tataiako
·      Kia Eke PanukuTe Kotahitanga
·      Partnership
·      Curriculum – all students have opportunity to acquire Te Reo & tikanga
·      Relationship & engagement with Maori learners inclusing whanau & background
·      Listening to learners & no deficit theorising
·      Every student has the potential to succeed
·      Confident, connected, successful lifelong larners
·      All students should have the same opportunities to suceed
·      Tailor education to learners
·      Focus less on remediating deficit, don’t function on dysfunction

·      Collaborating & co-constructing
·      Reciprocity
·      Engage with all aspects of akonga
·      Learning the reo can strengthen the identity
·      Comfortable to be who they are
·      Haoura principles
·      Included organically as an integrated approach – in their own time & at their own pace
·      Sharing the power – student-led activities
Learning needs to be connected to students’ existing knowledge
·      Value what they know
·      Manaakitanga, whenuatanga
·      Maori world view included
·      Shared in classroom, community, shared actions, shared aspirations, stakeholders
·      Wananga, ako, whanaungatanga
·      All conversations shd not be about restorative practice
·      Wanting the community to have a say
·      Breaking down barriers, fairness & consistency

Maori community – whanau
  • student conferences with whanau & tutor teacher + communications home


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